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.702 Red Xsensible Women's England - ZU405B55Y

.702 Red Xsensible Women's England - ZU405B55Y

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Get in balance. feel better and walk further with the Stretchwalkers!  Once you put on a pair of Xsensible Stretchwalkers. it’s hard to take them off!  Not just because the soft stretchable materials from Xsensible feel comfortable all day long.  Xsensible Inside. the BI-Stretch leather technology is lightweight. flexible and breathable. The material ensures a comfortable. constant temperature. Stretchwalkers make the muscles in the legs and feet work harder. leading to better blood circulation in the whole body. A soft low rebound cushioned material on the outer sole of the heel and toe absorbs any impact on the joints and makes your muscles work harder. This maintains correct body posture and helps to prevent supination and pronation of the feet.

Patented stretch material Xsensible inside technology

100% Bi-Stretch Leather (70% stretch in width. 30% stretch in length)

Stretchable breathable material for super soft comfort

World class Italian design

Ergonomically designed

Padded collar for added comfort

Rigid EVA provides good body weight shift and stability-feels like walking on sand

Low rebound EVA foam for ultimate shock absorption

Durable rubber outsole for long life protection

Removable padded insole that can accommodate custom orthotics

Super Lightweight and stable sole provides excellent shock absorption

Water-resistant and maintenance free

Made in Portugal
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